Sunsets over Sunrise

Sunsets over Sunrise

This is a beautiful .925 sterling silver pendant. It encases a carnelian and a smaller sunstone as the center stones and small faceted accents stone across the piece. The accent stones are red garnet, orange fire opal, yellow topaz and green peridot.

Carnelian is believed to be named after the red-orange Kornel cherry. Artifacts using carnelian date back to the Bronze Age circa 1800 BC on the island of Crete. Carnelian was believed by the Romans to be a stone of courage--able to shore up confidence and strength.

According to Native American legend, regarding sunstone, it is know to be the blood of a great warrior – wounded by an arrow - dropped onto pieces of Oregon sunstone. The blood carried his warrior spirit into the stones, coloring them with shades of red and giving them sacred power.

Please let me know in the notes if you have a preference for the chain. I offer a genuine leather with a sterling silver clasp or a sterling silver chain.