Bloodstone Tanzanite Wrapped Up

Bloodstone Tanzanite Wrapped Up

This beautiful pendant encases a medium bloodstone with small faceted tanzanite framing the stone. They have been wrapped in sterling silver wire.

Bloodstone is an ancient gemstone that was used by the Babylonians to make seals and amulets. Bloodstone was believed to have healing powers, especially for blood disorders.

The rarity of tanzanite cannot be understated; it's found only in its home country of Tanzania, and is thought to be at least 1,000 times rarer than Diamond. The conditions required to form Tanzanite are outstandingly unique, rivalling the rarity of the gemstone itself.

The stone has been wrapped in .925 silver wire. Comes with a complimentary chain. Please let me know in the notes if you have a preference for the chain. I offer a genuine leather with a sterling silver clasp or a sterling silver chain.